Meet Seuly Matias,one of the most prolific home-run hitters in profe sional baseball this season.If you’ve never heard of him, don’t be ashamed this minor league Babe Ruth has been hiding out in Kentucky, mashing dingers for the Lexington Legends. But with the way he’s hitting, he might not be able to hide for long. Here are North America’s HR leaders acro s all affiliated levels of play.PlayerHRPAMike Trout (MLB)23327Seuly Matias (Cla s A)22223J.D. Martinez (MLB)22299Jose Ramirez (MLB)21318Khris Davis (MLB)20276Bryce Harper (MLB)19310Matias’ numbers this season for Cla s A Lexington, an affiliate of the Kansas City Royals, have been nothing short of mindboggling. Matias has hit as many HR as J.D. Martinez in 76fewer plate appearance. He leads all minor league baseball by four home runs;the gap between Matias and second place in MiLB play is as large as the gap between second and thirteenth. The kicker? Matias isjust 19 years old. MORE: Suely Matias has nothing on these MLB draft names It is extraordinarily difficult to underscore Matias’ power this season. The South Atlantic League, where Matias plays, is very much a pitchers’ league. Leaguewide in 2018, the SAL has posted a .133 Isolated Slugging (ISO) almost thirty points lower than MLB’s ISO this season (.161). In leading the major leagues in HR, Trout has an ISO .197higher than the average MLB ISO. Matias’ ISO, however, is .255 higher than that of the SAL.This is not to imply that SAL pitching is anywhere close to the quality James McCann Jersey of MLB pitching, but it contextualizes Matias’ dominance in terms of power compared to the rest of his league.Matias’ power is unlike anything the SAL has seen in recent seasons. I pulled the list of SAL ISO leaders since 2006.HitterYearSAL ISOSeuly Matias20180.388Darick Hall20170.262Yermin Mercedes20160.226K.J. Woods20150.219Travis Dermeritte20140.239Joey Gallo20130.365Corey Dickerson20120.347Jared Clark20110.241Brian Pellegrini20090.288Giancarlo Stanton20080.318Ryan Royster20070.272Sergio Pedroza20060.281The guys whoreally dominated the league Stanton, Gallo, and Dickerson combined for 127 home runs last in the MLB last season. Matias is mashing harder than them in the SAL in his young season.MORE: Explaining why power is MLB’s wave of the future Matias may have one of the most developed power tools in the minor leagues. Matias’ raw power potential was graded by FanGraphs at a 70 on a scale from 20-80 , indicating excellent power potential, ranking among some of the top prospects in the minors. Matias’ recent power surge suggests that not only has his power matured, but itmay be even better than previously thought.As exciting as Matias’ sudden power surge is, Royals fans should put down their phones before calling their local congre smen to demand that Matias be called up: Matias still has a lot of kinks to be worked out.For example, Matias’ strikeout rate is hanging in around 36.8 percentthe 11th worst figure in the Omar Infante Jersey MiLB and worst in the SAL. Scouts have questioned his ability to make contact,Adam McInturff wrote that scouts doubt Matias’ ability to make consistent contact and described him as struggl[ing] to recognize off-speed pitches. Matias has recorded whiffs on 22.3 percent of all his pitches this season, a figure that would be the worst in the major leagues by 3.7 percent.MORE: Taking an early look at next year’s crop of MLB draft talent Matias has also been a ground-ball pull hitter for most of his career:before 2018, Matias had run a 45.6 percentgroundball rate on his batted balls, and tended to pull his batted balls more than 40 percent of the time. Defensive shifts are not as prevalent in the lower minor leagues as they are in the major leagues, so if he fails to elevate consistently or spray the ball, Matias might see a substantial portion of his production from batted balls vanish with the shift as he climbs the rungs of the Royals’ farm system.Matias has turned the SAL into his own personal home run derby, so it should be appointment viewing when he steps up to the plate.If Matias can keep developing and maturing as a hitter and he has plenty of time to do so he might be one of the most exciting hitters to come up for the Royals in a very long time.